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Why Does Spotify Popularity Index Matter to The Artist?

Why Does Spotify Popularity Index Matter to The Artist?

In the last blog, we provided the ultimate guideline to check your Spotify Popularity Index. However, this metric is relatively new for some artists and easy to make you confuse its link with the Spotify Algorithm. This article will give you the overview to answer the question: Why does SPI matter to win the Spotify Algorithm Game? 

Before jumping into the main reason, let’s understand the SPI. Besides, if the phrase “Spotify Algorithm” is unfamiliar to you, check out our review about Spotify Algorithm

What is Spotify's Popularity Index?

Spotify Popularity Index (SPI) is a rare performance metric that Spotify shows to artists. Simply put, the SPI is a scale from 0 to 100, which help the Spotify Team to better compare and rank your song with others on the platform. 

Every song's SPI counts as influencing the artist’s overall index. This SPI term determines your popularity based on your stream count, repeat listening, skip rates, number of added playlists, and share rate. 

Besides, the first release weeks are the best time to monitor your SPI score, so make sure you have a good release strategy to boost your music’s engagement. To prepare your launch effectively, check out our 3-week guide for a successful launch

Furthermore, it is a semi-hidden metric used internally by the Spotify team. Thus, you only can find it through third-party platforms or the Spotify Developer API. 

Why Spotify Popularity Index?

So why SPI? Why it matters for Spotify Team to rank your SPI? Why does it link with Spotify Algorithm, and why do you need to improve your SPI? Let us answer your question point to point! 

Why does the Spotify Popularity Index matter for Spotify Team? 

Spotify music library shared over 80 million songs from 11 million artists. And with their aim to personalize every listener’s experience, it’s impossible if they don’t rank the songs based on any metric. For this reason, SPI becomes one of the major points to help them understand the song’s performance and their users’ listening preferences. As the simple logic, the more relevant recommendations they can make, the more users will be active on their app. From that, they can better rank themselves in the music streaming market and increase their ad opportunities.  

Why do you need to improve your Spotify Popularity Index? 

When it links to Spotify Algorithm, you already have enough reason to improve your SPI. The chance of your song being promoted is proportional to your popularity score. This means the higher your piece's score is, the higher opportunity Spotify Algorithm promotes your music to new listeners, add it to its playlists, and exposes its visibility. When the Spotify Algorithm promotes your song, you can gain quality engagement with the right audience, boost your stream, and attract more followers. From that, you can grow your fanbase naturally and have support from them. 

Experienced music marketers also claimed that a score of 20+ in the first few weeks would get you onto Release Radar, and an SPI of 30+ would get you onto Discover Weekly. If you want to check your SPI score, check out our step-by-step guidelines for your Spotify Popularity Index performance

As a result, SPI is not a permanent number you cannot change. An effective way to boost your SPI is by running Spotify Ads. It is a music ad that helps you expose your music’s popularity and achieve a higher SPI score. To learn more about this music promotional tool, check out our blog about Spotify Ads.

If you find an easy way to grow your SPI, you can ease your burden with Base For Music - A music promotion service for emerging artists. We are a simple tool to help you by broadening your song’s reach on Spotify. 

At Base For Music, we boost the artists’ popularity by targeting your ads strategically to the right audiences - eventually, this helps to increase your SPI to start to trigger the Spotify Algorithm. 

Start your campaigns through a simplified dashboard across popular social media platforms like Spotify, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube. For SPI improvement, you can try our Spotify Engagement!

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