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How does Base for Music work ?
We are an advertising platform specialized in music promotion. Our platform allows our users to have easy access to different advertising spaces to reach new audiences. All the proposed advertising formats have different specificities and objectives, however they are all set up to generate engagement with these new audiences. The platform offers a simple and effective solution to use digital marketing tools as a lever for your music promotion and allow our users to develop their fanbase.

How to launch a campaign ?
Launching a campaign is a three-step process on the platform. The first step consists of entering the type of content you wish to promote and, depending on your promotional objective, selecting the appropriate advertising format. Each proposed ad format is completed by a description allowing you to identify the objective of this format. The second step is targeting. You have the possibility to select an automatic targeting, which will deploy a display on different territories and types of audiences in order to identify the most reactive ones, or to select a personalized targeting, where you will be able to precisely inform the type of audience you wish to reach. The third step is to select the budget allocated to your advertising campaign. Depending on the selected ad format, you will be able to obtain different estimates of results thanks to all the campaigns already generated on this ad format.

How does the tracking of your campaign work ?
When you launch your campaign from our platform, it is automatically set up on the advertising network of one of our partners (Google Ads, Spotify Ad Studio, etc.). A campaign is generally activated in less than 48 hours and its duration is linked to the budget you have selected. The duration is indicated during the estimation of your campaign before its launch. During its running time, our media buyer team takes care of the follow-up and optimizes if necessary your campaign to obtain the maximum results. Throughout the process, you will receive emails indicating the status of your campaign. From your dashboard, you can follow the daily evolution of your campaign with the KPIs specific to the selected format: Impression, Reach, CTR...

Why is engagement the #1 goal of our platform ?
The objective of our platform is to allow you to get engagement on your music content through advertising campaigns for two reasons. The first is that engagement is now the engine of all algorithmic recommendations proposed by platforms: Youtube, Spotify, TikTok etc. The second is that engagement allows you to get new fans who will be interested in your music and follow your project in the long run. Once your campaign is over and the engagement obtained, it allows you to get visibility on the long term thanks to automatic recommendations and your new fans.

What is the difference with other music promotion services ?
There are many ways to promote your music, like with influencers, press relations or digital marketing tools, we are part of the latter category. However there are a lot of fraudulent services that offer solutions to increase your number of streams, views or followers. These services bring false results because they are provided through the purchase from click farms. In addition to bringing you false statistics, these solutions do not get any engagement because they are not real listeners. This causes the platforms to consider your content as unattractive and thus prevents you from integrating automatic recommendations. We do the opposite with our platform, we seek to reach real listeners interested in your music and get them to engage with your music through advertising campaigns. To do this, all our campaigns are generated on the official advertising platforms: Google Ads, Spotify Ad Studio, Facebook Business, Snapchat for Business and TikTok for Business.

What are the guarantees provided by our platform? ?
Our platform allows you to reach new audiences, we guarantee the number of people you will reach with your advertising campaign. When estimating your campaign, the number of people is indicated according to your budget. The results generated by a campaign are linked to different factors such as the quality of the content or the interest of the listeners for the music proposed. We can therefore not guarantee any minimum number of views, streams or followers.

How does our billing system work ?
All the advertising formats proposed on the platform are available from 50€ to 500€. Beyond that, we process the campaign directly on the platform to allow the user to set up his advertising campaign as well as possible. For all campaigns generated from the platform, 70% of the budget is invested in the advertising campaign and 30% is commissioned by the platform for all management costs.