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TikTok Ads for video clip
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TikTok Ads for video clip

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+ Setting up the campaign

Once the budget and the URL have been validated, we will proceed with the implementation of the campaign. For this, we will analyze your pages to understand your music, your audience and define the new viewers we will reach. This implementation is done within 24 hours after you have paid for your campaign. Your campaign will reach the number of people that the simulator has indicated to you according to your budget.

+ Impact on your fanbase

When your campaign is activated, your clip will be offered to users on Youtube as an advertisement to interest them in your music. The effectiveness of our targeting allows to convert a maximum number of people reached into viewers, this is why we can guarantee a minimum number of viewers. To count a viewer, they must watch at least 30 seconds of your clip. We will then encourage viewers to subscribe to your Youtube channel. This way, you build your fanbase while giving more visibility to your clip.

+ Results of your campaign

During the course of the campaign, you observe in real time the number of viewers that increase as well as new registrations on your page. Once the campaign is over, we will email you a report detailing the statistics of your campaign.