Get more engagement from your ad campaigns with our technology.

Our technology is programmed to find new listeners interested by your music.

Our platform is connected to ad networks (Spotify Ad Studio, Google Ads etc.) via our technology to automatically launch your ad campaigns based on specific parameters and KPIS for music promotion. It optimizes your campaign daily to find new listeners interested by your music and encourages them to engage with ad formats.

New listeners are encouraged to engage with you over the long term.

Our ad formats are set up to engage news listeners. When they discover your music, the ad incites them to do different actions to interact with your content: add to playlist, subscribe, follow, share etc. A newly acquired listener is an additional listener for your next releases and thus develops your fanbase.

Engagement allows you to integrate automatic recommendations from platforms.

All streaming or video platforms analyze the quality of a content by the number of interactions it generates. When the interaction rate is high, platforms consider that the content is attractive for their users and place it in their automatic recommendations to make it discovered by new users. That's why paying to get only views or streams won't bring you anything, no fans and a content qualified as low quality by the platforms. Here, we do the opposite.

How we operate :

You fill in the key information for your campaign, our technology does the work. It's easier, faster and more effective for you.

Setting up your campaign :
There are 3 steps to setting up your campaign. They allow us to obtain the key information about your profile and to manage your campaign. In just a few clicks, your campaign is ready and our platform will ensure maximum results for you.

Tracking your campaign:
When your campaign is launched, you will receive information by email indicating the status of your campaign: validated, in progress, completed. All statistics related to your campaign will be available live on your dashboard, except for the Spotify ad format, statistics will be available at the end of the campaign.

1. Select your content to promote :

- Select the type of content to promote

- Select the ad format according to your objective

- Fill in the information to create your ad content

2. Define your targeting :

- Enter your URLs so that we can identify the profile of your current listeners

- You can choose between automatic targeting, based on our market analysis and experience, or personalized targeting, based on your recommendations

3. Select your budget :

- Depending on your budget, an estimate of results will be proposed to you

- When you confirm, all you have to do is pay for the campaign to be launched automatically

Tracking your campaign :

Dashboard - All your available statistic here

Each ad is tracked to measure its effectiveness

Each statistic is explained to know what it corresponds to

Each action of new auditor is referenced

Advertising example

Audio ad on Spotify - Color Theory - 250€

35 753 ads delivery

24 328 listeners reached

3,7% conversion rate

917 new listeners

7,2 average streams by listeners

Advertising with

Advertising example

Video ad on Facebook / Instagram - Re Up Ro$e - 50€

49 591 ads delivery

42 750 people reached

3,19% clic rate

1 581 people redirected to smartlink

102 people who became new listeners

Advertising with

Advertising example

Video ad on Youtube - Kurtis - 50€

5 162 ads delivery

3 260 new viewers

63% view rate

25 actions acquired (like, follow, view on other video etc.)

Advertising with

Advertising example

Video ad on TikTok - Re Up Ro$E - 50€

56 616 ads delivery

47 515 tiktok users reached

1.11% clic rate

630 tiktok users who have been redirected to the video clip

Advertising with

Estimate your ad budget :

Select your content to promote.
Depending on the content you select, you will be able to launch different ad formats.

Select your ad format according to your objective.
All the details by format are indicated when you launch your campaign.

Facebook / Instagram

Select your ad budget.
All formats are available from 50€ to 500€.


Estimate based on all campaigns launched for the same ad format.