Get more results by optimizing your ad campaigns.

- Analysis of your pages to understand your profile and your current audience

- Automatic setting up of your campaigns and optimization of your budget

- New listeners reached and new fans for your music

Our advertising formats are varied and fitted for your content:

On Spotify, the ad is integrated with the freemium listeners to offer them an extract of your track in order to incite them to switch to your page and discover your music.

On Youtube, the ads break down into several formats to give you maximum visibility and get the most results for your music video.

Exemple de campagne :

Thincoeur - 50€

10 563 ads delivery

10 165 listeners reached

4,3% conversion rate

437 new listeners

2,83 streams by listeners

Advertising with

Exemple de campagne :

Kurtis - 50€

5 162 ads delivery

3 260 new viewers

63% view rate

25 actions acquired (like, follow, comment...)

Advertising with